Thursday, December 28, 2006

More baghdad pictures

This is what a mortar does to a car. This was a direct hit on the hood of the center car. Most of the burn damage was the result of the secondary gasoline burn-off. No one was injured in this attack, even though it hit within yards of the mess hall.

This is the same man-made lagoon that surrounds the Al Faw Palace (pictured earlier). The homes around the lagoon were formerly occupied by Baath Party officials.

The ironically named "Victory over Kuwait" Palace. Unfinished. Heh.

Tour de France, Baghdad style. These funky looking bikes were everywhere at the BIAP complex.

Another picture from the same attack.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Swords over Baghdad

Work sent me to Baghdad in December. Here are some pictures:

This is me and Rick Kaiser. Rick and I met because I know his son-in-law, Mike Higdon, from SAIC. Mike had Rick call me when he was considering taking a position in Iraq, but I never thought I would end up meeting him there. Great guy.

This is how sane people get from the Baghdad Airport to the Green Zone. And yes, the camo gear was mandatory. And, yes, I know I look like a dork. Thanks for noticing.

This is the Blackhawk I took on the flight into the Green Zone. This picture was taken departing the aircraft.

There is a Subway inside the Green Zone.

This is the Baghdad Airport (the civilian side) on the way out of the country. Strangely, getting out of the country was the most stressful part of the whole journey. et's just say there are "different cultural norms"for queueing up in lines.

Flying over the Airport complex on the way to the Green Zone. The Airport complex was full of these man-made lakes that could have been beautiful. And, actually, I was surprised at how beautiful Iraq was, considering everything we hear. There were fairly mature eucalyptus trees everywhere at the airport complex and the terrain from the air (on the flight in) was absolutely beautiful: rivers and lakes and marshes dotted the ground.

This is inside the Green Zone, on the reviewing strip where Saddam used to stand in his fedora, act like an ass, and review his army while shooting a shotgun off into the air.