Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I was trying to capture the color of the night time sky, well after dusk. I got the blue I wanted, and even though this was a hand held second-long exposure, it doesn't look too bad. The White Balance is way down at 2800 Kelvin.

Same thing with this shot. I was trying to use the deep blue night sky as a contrast with the light coming off the streetlight. The blue didn't come out as well, and the light didn't give the effect I was looking for. Plus, this shot needs a tripod, even at ISO 1600. I wonder how to get rid of the ghosting?

This last one is Dad's. Nice composition.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Vlaanderens Mooiste!

The best month of the cycling year kicks off with the Tour of Flanders this Sunday. "De Ronde," short for Ronde Van Vlaanderen, is the best of the Spring Classics. Winners of this race are the best of the all-arounders. Guys who can roll on the flats, grind across the cobbles, crush inhuman gears up short, brutal cobbled climbs. Guys who thrive in awful weather.

The winner of De Ronde does all that while controlling his opponents by force of will. His attacks will ever-so-slightly misdirect his opponents' efforts, making the loser work against himself. Convincing the loser that his losing efforts are his own, when, in fact, he is being exploited. The victor subtly convinces opposing teams of their desire to chase for him. He causes former champions to close gaps he wouldn't close himself. Lesser riders exhaust themselves on his behalf. The losers will say they weren't the strongest that day. Which may or may not be true. What will be true, however, is that the loser will never suspect that he lost because he was manipulated by the victor into defeating himself. No other race better sharpens the distinction between physical ability to win and mental acuity required to.

Which is why De Ronde is the best bicycle race in the world.

The best coverage on the web is here: Look for the Flanders "dashboard."

Tuesday, April 01, 2008