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The Neighborhood, part 4

The Neighborhood, part 3

The Neighborhood, part 2

The Neighborhood, part 1

Same door, different composition.

The Strange

Whenever the subject of strange places to eat comes up (not as infrequently as you might expect), I tell people about this funky little purveyor of cornmeal encrusted meatsicles that has inhabited the same ski-chalet building on corner in San Diego for as long as I can remember, they refuse to believe me.  It exists, here's proof.  And, no, I have never eaten there.

Right down the street from the lovely schnitzel-haus you find an outdoor picnic table style Mexican food joint that has had the same menu and the same staff through, at least, 10 name and ownership changes.  No matter the name, they make decent carne asada burritos.  Every time I eat there, I feel like I'm rolling the dice with food poisoning, but, because I've never gotten sick, it's worth it. And if you look closely, you can see the County Health Dept. gives them an "A", so it can't be that bad.  Here's "Roberto's #4", then the "'Real' Roberto's"; then "Norberto's", then "Noberto's" now "La Posta de Acapulco's."  Next year, it will have another name, and the menu will be the same, hopefully.

Further down, you run into CJ's.  How this place stays in business is beyond me.  I've never seen anyone enter or exit the building.  It's about the size of a tiny Manhattan apartment, there's no parking, and it shares a lot with a nasty Jack in the Box that was last refurbished in 1976.  

And, finally, at the end of the street, you'll find another mystery, this one called, "Donut Star".   I love a good doughnut as much as anyone, but this place baffles me.  Their doughnuts are below average, the selection is bad, and the place isn't clean. 

The Familiar