Thursday, April 30, 2009

12 Hours of Lodi Farm - May 2, 2009

Hey! I'll be at the 12 Hours of Lodi Farm mountain bike event this Saturday May 2, 2009. I will be pulling double-duty, taking pictures, and riding in the Duo Category with the excellent Mr. Mead.

Pictures of riders/racers should start appearing during the event, assuming I can find a WiFi connection. If not, they'll be posted Sunday morning in the 12 Hours of Lodi Farm gallery at

See you there!

UPDATE: Well, that was tough. Double-duty proved almost impossible. The racing itself was extremely challenging. Instead of the planned 5 laps at 10 miles per lap, I could only manage 3. With roughly an hour between laps, I had no time to take pictures. Between resting, refueling, changing clothes, and laying everything out for the next lap, there was no time. Plus, none of the racers had numbers identifiable on the front of their bikes, so the gallery is a mish-mash of 250+ pictures. All in all, a big challenge.

As for the, it was tough. In a 10 mile loop, there was literally nowhere to rest. Over 1,200 ft. of climbing per lap, but without any sustained climbs meant constant small, technical grunters, requiring gobs of power in short bursts. There was no cruising up a steady incline at 250 watts for 15 minutes. Nope, it was 30 seconds at 6-700 watts, or you were walking. Repeat 20+ times per lap, all while navigating tight trees, heavily rooted sections, downed trees, narrow bridges, and low hanging trees. I knew I was in trouble at about halfway through the first lap. I realized that I couldn't find a time to take my hands off the bars to get a drink of water. And not from a bottle, either. I couldn't get the tube from my Camelbak from the clip on my jersey up to my mouth, a matter of mere inches. I literally couldn't find time to take my hands off the bars to move the tube to my mouth. Anyways, what pictures I did manage to take are at the link above. I did manage at least one cool picture, though.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Leesburg Baker's Dozen 2009 Event Pictures

There is a full gallery of the event HERE. I think I managed to take at least one picture of every rider who was on the course between 2 and 5:30. The fill flash worked really well, illuminating faces and eliminating helmet shadows, and preserving well lit backgrounds.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Sparrow

This reminds me of my Mom, and how wise she was and what a wonderful blessing she was and continues to be.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Kodachrome 64 versus Velvia 50

Well. I finally got around to shooting and developing a roll of Kodachrome 64 slide film on the N90s. When I was out in San Diego in February, I took several rolls of Velvia 50 and one roll of Kodachrome. I just got the Kodachrome back from the only lab left in America that processes the stuff. Let me tell you there's a reason no one shoots Kodachrome any longer.

This stuff is awful. Worse than awful, it's dreadful. It makes beautiful scenery and makes it look worse than it really is. That's an achievement, especially in La Jolla's tidepools during a winter sunset.

Let's just say, I originally bought 2 rolls of Kodachrome. I'm going to process the second roll as B&W. It's a waste to try to shoot anything in color with this film. Especially compared to Velvia. Good grief.

Here's a Kodachrome sunset:

Compare that to the sunset on the header of the blog. That shot was taken with the same camera and the same lens, on Velvia 50.

Here's Windansea on Kodachrome:

Here's the same beach on a similar winter day with a D200.

What a huge difference.