Thursday, June 28, 2012

Well, they got what they wanted...

Our President has succeeded in "fundamentally transforming" America from a society that - in general -rewards productivity to one that - in general - rewards entitlement. 

Twenty years from now when the quality of medical care you receive today is impossible to find, and your local doctor's office is overrun with patients exhibiting the aggressively entitled welfare mentality that permeates the current underclass (no work ethic, no personal responsibility, no behavioral control), and the amount of money the government spends on administering healthcare has skyrocketed - in short - when the medical system has completely ceased working for all but the most politically connected and the richest among us, you will be able to look at the period from 1/21/2008 to 6/27/2012 as the tipping point when Americans collectively ceased believing in freedom and liberty and decided they'd rather be peasants and beggars than free men. 

And finally, I don't think I can properly convey how ironic it is that America's first black president is the man who used the perceived moral authority of his status as a descendant of slaves to convince Americans to willingly surrrender their rights as a free people in order to enslave themselves to the Federal behemoth.  How far the United States have fallen.